Sunday, February 17

Happy Sunday to all, Logan is doing better every day. The weather has been somewhat nice around here so yesterday Logan went on a nice hour plus walk. Today he is going to help dad w/ some overdue chores around the house. We are going to paint the master bath, fix the backdoor that squeaks to much and rake some leafs. Logan is excited to help.
Peyton loves having Logan here. He watches Logan’s every move. Yesterday Logan built a train track around him and when the trains went by we pretended Peyton was the monster. If the trains were not fast enough Peyton would reach out and knock them off the track. Logan was laughing so hard.
It is official; Logan will start his radiation March 3rd. Kelly’s parents are going to come out from New York to help out for a couple of weeks. It will be great having them here. Kelly’s sister Kim flew back last week and she was such a blessing to help out during the last two weeks of the stem cell. Thank You Aunt Kim!
Logan is still opening the many Valentine’s Day cards he received. Thank you to his kindergarten class for all you did. They made him a huge book (3’ x 2’) and each page is a self portrait that each kid did of themselves. Logan loves it. His old School Puyallup Playcare also did some Valentines for him. He is truly loved by a lot of people and we are very grateful for that.

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