Monday, February 4

Another day in the books and Logan is doing great. Aunt Kristi has been staying with him last night and tonight and they play hard. Kelly went up to the hospital to give Logan a bath and he was riding bikes and running non stop. She said he was sweating up a storm. They are slowly backing off the morphine and hope to stop giving it to him by early next week. If this is the case he may be able to go home then! The house is just not the same without him.

Next step in the process of beating this nasty cancer is the radiation part. After that Kelly and I need to make a decision on an experimental treatment for Logan. Without boring everyone w/ all the details we are really struggling with what to do. The medicine they would be giving him would put him in more pain than what he went through for stem cell. In fact some kids have so much pain they stop the 5 month treatment after only one of five treatments and also kids end up in Intensive Care because of the pain. We of course want what's best for Logan.....if we did it and he is cured AMEN....if we did not do it and the cancer comes back we second guess ourselves forever......

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