Saturday, February 2

Good Saturday morning to all! Logan is doing much better today. He has not had any fevers for two days & he does not need the nausea medicine as much. His pain is still there w/ the mouth & tummy so we are still on the morphine. His mouth is still very swollen and there is dead skin on the roof of it that we need to wash out & brush off.
Are you ready for the amazing part.....Loagan's ANC counts are at a remarkable 7000! Yes 7000! The doctors this morning were amazed. They are so amazed that they are taking him off certain medicines early. Normal ANC for a kid w/ no cancer is 1800 to are awesome Logan.
This morning he has already been out riding bikes and is playing the Wii right now.


Anonymous said...

You ARE a super hero Logan!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Logan!! What great news..