Friday, July 24

Logan has inspired so many people.  His strength, his will, his fight, his love, his smile.  As I type this tears run down my cheek.  I am so proud of my son.  It is so hard to watch him suffer.  
We have a huge obstacle in front of us but I am confident we can beat this. 

The support our family has received has been a great way.  Kelly and I want to reach out to everyone of you and say thank you....your kind words, prayers, pictures mean so much to our family.  Thank you.

Above is a great picture I took earlier this summer while on a camping trip with the boys.  Logan is an amazing big brother.  Peyton has been well distracted these past couple days playing with friends. About 2 hours ago I was working with Logan on getting up and walking.  Logan was really struggling with the pain.  I looked over at Peyton and he was staring just worried for his big brother.  Later Logan needed help getting up and Peyton ran over to help.  It was awesome.  

One day at a time....

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Carol Derschau (Cleveland OH) said...

Tears run down as I read about Logan. What a wonderful strong young man. You are all in our prayers. God Bless