Sunday, July 19

Time to fire back up the Blog.....

First of all thank you to all of our family and friends for your support and kind words this past 10+ days.  We are thankful and overwhelmed with support.  We feel starting up the blog again will help keep everyone updated with Logan's symptoms.  
About 3 weeks ago Logan started limping.  He said his groin/hip hurt.  Kelly and I initially thought he had hurt it running and/or on a friends trampoline.  As a precaution Kelly took him to his local pediatrician and they did some blood work and agreed that he most likely had a groin pull and gave him some exercises to work on.  We also notified his survivor nurse at Seattle Children's Hospital. She asked if the local pediatrician ordered additional blood work to show any unusual triggers for tumors.  They had not.  I took Logan in to get more blood drawn.  The results would not be back for 10 days.  His survivor nurse also recommended an x-ray of his hip/knee.  We finally got what we thought was great news....the x-ray showed possible groin tear (most parents would not celebrate this news;)).  We enjoyed our weekend with family and friends.  On Monday his survivor nurse called me and said she had an additional doctor look at the x-ray and just to be safe wanted to do an MRI as well.  That Tuesday July 7th he had his MRI at 2 pm.  Just before 5 that night I received a call from his Neuroblastoma doctor, Julie Park, who I had not spoken with in many years.  My heart sank.  She said they were very concerned about a mass on Logan's hip area and wanted to schedule surgery to do a biopsy as well as more testing to see if he had possibly relapsed with Neuroblastoma.  We spoke with Logan that night and of course he was very concerned and had a bit of anxiety (as we all did).  He was supposed to leave the next day on a 7 day east coast trip to Boston, NY, and DC.  Kelly, Peyton, & I  were heading to Lake Chelan with friends.  After talking with Logan he decided not to go back east but to come to Lake Chelan with us (Kelly & I were so thankful).  
Lake Chelan was a great distraction...sort of.  While there we received more troubling news regarding his blood work regarding tumors.  It was unusually high.  
So that takes us to today/this upcoming week.  Logan will be up at Seattle Children s Hospital Tuesday/Wednesday for an MIBG test (this test will show if Neuroblastoma is present).  On Thursday he will undergo surgery to do a biopsy on the mass/tumor n his left hip area.
I will once again work on keeping everyone updated via this blog.

This is another chapter in Logan's fight.  He is an amazingly strong teenager and we have no doubt that he will once again prevail and come out even stronger in the end of all this.

Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Please hug your kids tonight....

Jason, Kelly, Logan, & Peyton

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