Friday, July 24

Logan is in a lot of pain but otherwise in great spirits.  We are trying to control pain as much as possible to make him comfortable.  The area that hurts the most is where they placed the port.  As you can see by the above picture they made small incision and placed under his skin about 1 inch below.  Once the skin scars/heals around it it should feel better.  The purpose of the port is when they do need to give him medicine, draw blood in the future they will access that vs. sticking him with needled all the time.
He was up a lot last night as he can only really sleep on his back.  He has the 2 incisions on his hip bones where they did bone biopsy's as well as incision in his left hip where they actually went in and took some bone out to send to labs for testing.  I went and kissed his forehead before I left for work this morning and kneed him in this area...he let me know about it:(.

He is an amazing young man and a hero to many!

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