Saturday, July 25

Great day for Logan.... Nana and Papa are here from NY and he is getting spoiled with love.  His hip is giving him the most issues...very sore.  He did walk up the driveway and back with his crutches to exercise today.  Logan is amazing!


Kathy Peters said...

Good day! Welcome Nana & Papa! Love you all!!

Susan Kean said...

My Husband Larry & I are friends with Dave & Kathy Peters here in. Tucson. We were sad to hear that Logan had a relapse. We are praying for him and all the family. Our Heavenly Father, we humbly come before you today and ask for you to be with Logan and his Family during this difficult time. Please pour your Holy Spirit upon them that they may have the Strenghth, Love and most of all your Loving Healing Hands. Please Lord may all ours prayers be heard so that Logan may have a speedy recovery and a strong and healthy life. Through your son Jesus we Pray. amen. Our positive thoughts go out to you. Larry & Susan Kean.