Friday, July 31

Happy Friday Everyone....
Logan, Mom, & Nana are already on their way home from Seattle.  Logan needed a quick x-ray to check the air around the lungs and no news is good news.

Logan is doing fairly well.  The doctors said he would/should be on crutches for 2 weeks.  Of course we are just over 1 week out and he refuses to use them....amazingly tough!
His lower back is really hurting him   Not sure if it because of the way he is walking (limping) or if the cancer is causing this. 

Monday Logan starts his experimental chemo treatment.  Mom & Logan will be going to Seattle Children's Hospital almost daily for 9 weeks for about 7 hours a day.  He will be getting a chemo that requires they flush his kidneys 2 hours before & 2 hours after.  He will be getting the chemo 2 hours in between.  He will be losing his hair again in approximately week 2...Logan's response to this is hopefully when my hair grows back I won't have this callac.

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Ann fish said...

Prayers and positive thoughts from Arizona. Logan is an amazing young man my hero. Ann Fish

Ann fish said...

Prayers and positive thoughts to Logan. He is my hero! Thank you for the update Ann fish