Monday, March 8

Thank you all that came to, contributed to, donated to our St. Baldrick's event this past weekend. We raised over $5500 and I hear there are still some more donations rolling in. During our 3 hour event approx. 51 kids were diagnosed with cancer....this is heartbreaking. We will do this every year and hopefully get larger & larger. I have already spoken with the GM at the RAM to thank him and he wants to make it a yearly occurrence.


Anonymous said...


I'm a previous student of Kalles Jr High and I was one of the many who donated to Logan, and I am thrilled to hear that Logan has over come his cancer. I have never been religious, in fact I'm Buddhist, but even I prayed for that little boy. The assembly that day honestly broke our hearts, I knew people who donated their birthday money to help Logan. And if Logan's cancer ever does come back, the Kalles Tyees will always be there to back him up.

Best of luck,

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