Saturday, April 9

Sorry we have not posted in awhile....especially since we received such great news last week! Logan had his sixth month check-up and all test/scans remain clear. Still in remission. Next check-up will be in September and then we will go to annual check-ups. He will also start the long term survivor program in which they will watch for the long term side affects of the harsh chemo/drugs he received. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Dear Logan,

Awesome news once again! We are SO thankful for you and your good health! Keep up the great work in school!!
Love you,
Gramma & Grampa David

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a great inspirations to me. Our daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 hight risk, unfavorable neuroblastoma recently and has begun her first session of chemo. Thank you for writing this. Logan is a hero.