Friday, August 24

Good Friday evening to everyone. Sorry we have not written today but the hospital has been having issues w/ their wireless network. Logan had a great day today. Woke up w/ a little tummy ache but once we got up and moving he was fine. Yes all the nurses on the floor today got more tickets. This time to the moon and Pluto. Logan drew a rocket on each ticket for them. When asked how long to get to Pluto Logan told them 2 minutes. We did get a pass this afternoon and Logan, Dad, Mom, Peyton, Grandma Kathy, & Grandpa David all went down to University Village and got some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Logan also picked up a new Scooby Doo book at the book store. This highlight of the day was when we walked Mom, Peyton, & the Grandparents down stairs to say goodbye one of his pre-school teachers was out front coming to see a relative. Logan's lit up so big when he saw Miss Kari. He smiled from ear to ear for about five minutes. He gave her the biggest hug. It was an amazing moment. It goes to show what a great school Puyallup Playcare is. Currently as I type this Logan is drawing a picture for her. Everyone Smile and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We get to go home tomorrow!

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