Tuesday, August 28

Today we went and started a file for Logan at the Tacoma Children's Hospital. We did this because it is about 15 minutes away vs. the hour (w/ no traffic) to Seattle. We will be able to go to Tacoma to get his blood work done. Everything else still will be done in Seattle. Also if he gets a fever we are supposed to have him in the ER within one hour. It makes sense for us to have a file as well in Tacoma. The staff there was excellent. Logan's counts were low so he will be get getting a red blood cell transfusion tomorrow morning. He looks and feels fine. He had a mostly relaxing day. Dad & Logan caught a frog in the yard and Logan kept it in his bug catcher. He filled it w/ grass so the frog could eat he said. Currently we are sitting on the back deck relaxing by a fire in the fire bowl. Logan is playing his video game as well as trying to eat his dinner. It sounds like we will be making daily trips this week and next to Seattle so they can watch his counts as well as get his ready for the stem cell transplant.

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