Saturday, August 25

Today we go home! Good morning all. Logan is relaxing watching cartoons. His tummy is a little sour. They give hime medicine at 9:30am everyday just before chemo. The medicine is to help prevent sickness. It's supposed to last about 24 hours. I think it wears off a little early and that is why we see the yucky tummy in the mornings. We get to leave the hospital about 3pm (4 hours after chemo treatment). Yesterday we learned how to give shots to Logan because we will giving them to him daily this next week. I gave one to myself in the thigh...I didn't even feel it because the needle is so small. Kelly then let me give one to her in the thigh. In case you have not heard she is very...VERY afraid of needles. She was very brave in front of Logan though and did very well. Have a great Saturday.

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Ashli Gist said...

yayah Logan!
I'm so proud of you! I'm happy to hear you get to go home and your doing so well! take care Logan! Your such a good brother!