Wednesday, April 16

3 down 17 to go....Today was a rough day. They started antibody at 9am today and by 11am Logan had stronger belly pains than days past. He also got sick and was throwing up so hard his NG feeding tube came out of his mouth. We had to pin him down and pull it out completely through his nose. It did not cause him pain but it is real uncomfortable because of the gag reflex. We then of course had to put in a new one. Logan did awesome. He did everything he was supposed to do....the nurse puts it through his nostril and of course the hard part is getting it to bend and make its way down his throat. Once it gets to his throat he swallows to help it go down faster. They the give him a chest x-ray to make sure it is in his tummy vs. a lung. The nurses were very impressed how Logan did. Once we got the right amount of morphine balance Logan seemed to do better. Tonight I am taking a night at home to catch up on sleep and aunt Kristi is staying w. him in which Logan was thrilled. She brought a Sponge Bob movie with her and Logan was pumped. If all goes as is the case so far....we should get to go home sometime on Friday. Dr. Park thinks Logan should be back to his normal self by Sunday.

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