Sunday, April 20

Logan is starting to come around. He was pretty much up all night Friday night w/ pain & nausea. Yesterday he was feeling a little better but still had bouts of pain & nausea. Last night just up once w/ nausea...and this morning is feeling good. He is joking around and playing w/ Peyton. This afternoon he is going to go over to cousin Sydney's to play. This next week Logan just has two appointments. Monday he has blood draw and meeting w/ doctor. On Thursday just blood work. We get to stop shots on Tuesday and then he starts taking 4 pills a day (acid treatment). The medication is basically a very strong acne medication. Logan will have very dry skin, nose, & eyes. He will also be extra sensitive to sun so anytime he is outside we will need to cake on the 50 SPF. This medicine is known to also seek out and kill and remaining tumor cells along w/ the experimental. Anyone that wants to read about the study Logan is in you just need to Google Phase III Randomized Study of Chimeric Antibody 14.18. I tried to post the PDF that I have but have been unsuccessful.

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